Covid-19 Guidelines & F.A.Q
How Do You Ride A Balloon? Who Decides The Route?
When you are on a balloon you can do nothing, just imitate Katie Scarlett O’Hara: Gone with the Wind! There are no commands of direction, the pilot can decide the altitude only. The passengers’ safety is our first priority, where each fligh is custom tailored and planned carefully. We anticipate and determine the direction of travel, however it’s also nice to be improvised according to the condition. Can you think of anything else more romantic and adventurous than this?
How Does A Balloon Work? How Does It Fly?
The hot air balloon works according to Archimedes' principle; the heated air inside the balloon gets lighter than the surrounding air. We never use any of light and/or imfalammable gas (helium or hydrogen)
What Is The Dress Code On A Balloon?
We recommend our passengers to wear flat and comfortable shoes (trekking or sport shoes are recommended where we have to walk for a short distance on the sand). Shoes with high heels are not allowed on board. Wearing layers of clothes will be more comfortable, it is often quite cool early morning. If possible, wear a hat or a cap for the radiant heat of the balloon burners. The weather temperature is almost equal to ground temperature during your flight. Please try to choose suitable clothes for a walk in the country which you don’t mind getting a little dirty.
How Long Is The Flight?
Flight duration varies between 60 and 90 minutes according to your package preference. Depending on weather conditions and suitability of landing sites your ballooning experience may last between 4 hours and 4 hours 30 minutes in total.
When Can We Fly?
We fly early in the morning just after dawn. The mid-day weather temperature may create turbulences which may disrupt the flight
In Which Period Of The Year Can We Fly?
The “ballooning season” is approximately from October to May with annual variations. Weather in UAE can be tricky and unpredictable, especially in early spring; but the months of the winter are regularly good for ballooning. Winter flights can be stunning, with crystal clear views of desert dunes, mountains on the south-east and the skyline of Dubai on the north-west side.
What Happens In Case Of Bad Weather Conditions?
We carefully plan our flights following the weather forecast in detail. Due to bad weather conditions, the flight can be cancelled, even few hours before the scheduled take-off.
Is The Landing Bumpy?
We usually land very softly, Very rarely the wind may pick the balloon up on landing, there meight be a bump and the basket may drag on the landing site untill it comes to a halt.
What Is The Age Limit To Fly?
Children taller than 120 cm. can fly, the shorter will not be able to see out of the basket. Certainly, they must be accompanied by their parents
What Is The Flight Altitude?
We fly at at an altitude of 3,000 ft maximum. to watch and enjoy the sunrise, then while descending and flying thru the dunes we will get the pleasure of flying like a butterfly do.
How Are Balloon Pilots Licenced?
Balloons are registered like any other aircraft and are subject to regular airworthiness checks. The FAA will not allow a balloon to be certified as airworthy unless these inspections and checks are done by authorized maintenance personnel and certified by them. All pilots are certified by FAA & GCAA, 2000 hours of flight experience and have to pass regular flight checks.
Is It Safe Flying On A Balloon?
The hot-air balloon is not a complex machine, therefore little prone to failures. Every year our pilots must pass some tests which prove their ability: risks are reduced to a minimum. A careful flight preparation including the study of weather conditions is our standard practice and represents a further guarantee for your peace of mind.
Where Will We Land? How Do We Get Back To The Hotel?
Direction of the wind determines the landing site. The balloon is followed by a vehicle and the crew. They are constantly in contact with the balloon pilot via radio and should be at the landing site at the same time with the balloon. Once the balloon is packed away (and the ceremonies are completed) the shuttle will take you back to your hotel.
Can Everybody Fly?
Everybody can fly, for safety reasons, pregnant women, heart patients and people with respiratory diseases are not allowed to fly. We also do not recommend the passengers suffering from osteoporosis to fly, During landing, in necessity we may need to squat and soften the contact of the basket with the ground. The passengers who can not keep crouched position are recommended to consult their doctor.

Private Flight

- Private Hotel Transfers
- Gourmet Breakfast 
- One hour hot air balloon flight
- Between 02-20 people
- Champagne toasting after landing
- Free flight pictures and DVD video for the flight
- Certificate of Flight Attendance
- Full insurance

This is completely a private option in a balloon for you and your guest or your group desiring to float above the unique landscape of Dubai. Perfect option to proposals, birthdays, anniversaries,  honeymoons and any other occasions. This experience assures to leave a long-lasting impression. We pick you up from your hotel one hour before sunrise and we first transfer you totake-off area for a quick breakfast* then we all will watch the balloons blowing up. The first 30 minutes duration of our flights presents you the closest view of the desert and skyscrapers, while ascending to the highest altitude you will view the whole landscape in the remaining 30 minutes. After a safe landing, we celebrate our magnificent flight with champagne toasting and certification party. Now it is time to go back to hotel.

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West Bromwich, UK

A wonderful experience for the lifetime and there is no doubt that their team is exceptional to organize everything well. The trip was so entertaining from the beginning to the end. Pilot Volcan was so helpful and caring about all the passengers. A very special thanks to Amigos team who made everything so perfect and smooth. Highly recommended activity in Dubai and I can say a must do. 🕺🕺🕺 Kam M.

Finally experienced a hot air balloon ride.
Tallinn, Estonya

Heyyy everyone! If you are considering this trip, please do not hesitate. From the experience to the staff, I can not fault this one bit, I hardly leave reviews... but this tour has really won mine and my wife’s heart 👍 From wanting to do a hot air balloon ride for years, to finally doing it that to over the desert dunes.. mannn life is great and beautiful, so go ahead and give yourself and loved ones a treat. Valmar L.

A great morning out.
Nuneaton, UK

Is this experience worth the getting up at 4am? Yes. Is this experience worth the money? Yes. Is this experience one of life's better moments? Yes. If your are in Dubai this is a must to do and this seems to be the company to do it with. From my initial enquiry back I'm the uk before we left for dubai to communications once in Dubai this company were quick to respond and were very helpful. The driver picked us up on time and was very informative and friendly. The balloon ride itself was simple amazing with our pilot happily pointing things out on the ground and keeping us informed on what was happening, our height, our position on relation to surrounding landmarks, cities etc. The breakfast camp was clean and breakfast plentiful and fresh. The falcon show also great. If your reading these reviews you must be thinking of doing this activity. If you are you wont good wrong booking it with this company. Thank you for giving myself and my son a lifetime memory. Madelein B.

50th Birthday in Dubai
Huntsville, Alabama

What can I say.....our Driver and Guide Alex and our Hot Air Balloon pilot Yasar both made this an AMAZING experience🙏.. The Balloon ride was smooth and being in the sky high above the Desert to watch the sun rise was breathtaking. The breakfast and Camel ride were assume as well. This tour delivered as promised and was well worth the price. A "Must Do" if your in Dubai. Special thx to Amigos team... Crystal R.

Amazing Tour! All in 1 tour of Dubai Desert Experience
Donegal, Irland

If you have limited time and want to get the most out of your morning. This is the best tour I think. It has 1) Full experience of hot air ballooning ; 2) breakfast meal 3) light falcon watching 4) camel ride inside the compound where you eat 5) sand bashing 6) quad biking for a good. Overall coordination was good, they pick you up at the hotel then drop you off as well when done so it's very convenient specially waking up at 4am to be picked up early for the hot air balloon portion.Marvin B.

Amazing breathtaking remarkable ride
Vereeniging, South Africa

It was an amazing experience! Awesome flight, stunning views, wonderful sunrise, great crew. Loved every bit of the flight including the take off and the landing 😁. The entire team did a great job by welcoming everyone on board with a smile, also very friendly staff. Gourmet breakfast in the desert was just unbelievable. Thank you Amigos team for a great experience✌️. Estie H.